Frequently Asked Questions


The services of specially trained professional called a care manager who addresses an individual’s needs with a holistic approach. Those needs are a combination of medical care, personal care, medication monitoring, home safety, financial, real estate and socialization. Care managers coordinate with doctors, family members, trust officers, accountants, and other members of the individuals care team and support network and others so you can remain safe and healthy in your home.

Care Management is much like what a butler is to a house and family.  The role of the butler is to be in charge of making sure the house runs smoothly and supplies the resource and oversees those resources for whatever the family may need. This is much of what we do, but in the area of Elder Care; we are Care Butlers for Senior Citizens and physically disabled. We provide selection of care providers, management and oversight of them, and family support.

A Geriatric Care Manager is a committed professional who specializes in assisting older adults and their families with long-term or short-term care arrangements overseeing all aspects of the individual’s care. A Geriatric Care Manager is trained and experienced in the assessment, coordination, monitoring delivery of services to older adults and their families and , constantly communicating with the family, the Caregiver and, when necessary, medical and financial professionals.

Seniors who wish to remain at home in spite of impairments and health conditions; relatives living at a distance; and professionals and organizations such as health insurance companies, physicians, attorneys, accountants, and court-appointed guardians.

The Care Manager is a specially trained professional that conducts a holistic assessment and together you will make a plan. The Care Manager will oversee the care received by the home health agency personnel. Short-term program requires 3 weekly home visits over 30 days and 4 weekly home visits over 30 days for the long-term program to follow up to make sure you have what you need and is satisfied. Also information and support is shared during the home visits. Unlimited phone calls are made on your behalf for coordination of services and communication with physicians updating them and family members on the care plan.

Private Pay: Care Management services are billed directly to you as a package for the first 30 days. The package includes the in-home assessment, customized care plan, a 3 to 4 home visits and unlimited phone calls. If continued service is desired after the first initial 30 days, service work is billed hourly and visits are charged per visit.

Long-Term Care Insurance: We can coordinate billing directly to long-term care insurance.

Please contact us at 281-677-6544 or request a complimentary phone consultation and one of our geriatric care associates will assist you.

We customize our services based on yours and your family needs. Please contact us for specific price information.

Most long-term care insurance policies generally cover services. Medicare does not.

We will make every effort to provide the same care manager as much of the time as possible.

We have the expertise to work with seniors and families to find the best options for your specific situation.