All About Alzheimer’s: Misconceptions, New Study Gets Underway, Rite Aid Reactions

About 80% of survey responders from 12 countries said Alzheimer’s is the condition they most fear experiencing, after cancer. In some countries such as China, India and Saudi Arabia, more than 80% of respondents said that Alzheimer’s disease is a normal part of aging.

Bed Handles Inc. Recalls Product after Three Women Die of Entrapment

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Bed Handles Inc. are recalling about 113,000 adult portable bed handles after three women have died after becoming entrapped in their beds. 

Could Brisk Walking be Therapeutic for People with Parkinson’s?

Research published in Neurology suggests that regular, moderate exercise, such as walking briskly, can help to improve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, the chronic motor system disorder. 

Geriatric Health Assessment Should Include Nutrition Screening

As older adults typically have one or more chronic health condition that can affect dietary intake, malnutrition has been identified as a serious problem in older adults. This has given rise to the recommendation that nutrition screenings be a mandatory part of the comprehensive geriatric analysis (CGA).

Local Governments Lack Funds for Age-Friendly Infrastructure

Over the coming years world populations will age rapidly. Ensuring enabling and supportive environments is a key global priority in planning for population ageing. A pressing requirement is the provision of age-friendly infrastructure. An Australian study has found the task is large