Nutritional Support

Good nutrition is the foundation to good health and healing. Service Elite provides nutritional education and meal service that supports our client’s improved health outcome. We help individuals achieve their nutritional goals to help them regain and maintain their health. Any of these programs can be implemented as a stand-alone, or incorporated into a care management program.

We have partnered with one of the nation’s largest and tastiest fresh made and delivered nutritional meal provider that delivers 200,000 affordable high-quality fresh-made meals a week to the elderly and nutrional at-risk persons. The meals provide one-third of the daily required intake (DRI). Our menu selections include: General Wellness, Diabetic, Puree,Vegetarian, Renal, Kosher, and Cancer Support. Co-Owner Toni, father is on a meal plan and enjoy's the delicious breakfast meals. 


Service Elite Nutrition Support Services
Post-Discharge Meals: Meals are delivered to the home immediately upon discharge from the hospital or nursing home. Some client’s health care plans provide these meals at no cost and if this benefit is available we research it and make sure the client receives their meal benefit. In the cases whereas meals are not provided by the client’s health care plan, we arrange for the meal delivery service upon approval of cost by the client or family member and the client’s doctor’s approval of the selected menu. A recent study by Florida Medical Quality Assurance, Inc. (FMQAI) showed that patient readmissions were significantly reduced with nutritional intervention.  In the report, readmission rates declined by 67% from the community average when patients were provided meals at home after a hospital stay.

Chronic Care & Disease Management Meals: Meals are provided to meet the dietary needs of those with complex chronic diseases. Plus, we educate individuals on the nutritional aspects of managing their health condition.

Healthy Living Meals: Meals are provided on a continual basis to individuals who are living at home, but are unable or simply do not want to shop or prepare their own meals. We arrange fresh meal delivery upon approval of cost by the client or family and the client’s doctor’s approval for any diet restrictions. The 5-year longitudinal study by Montréal Research Center and Department of Medicine, showed optimal nutrition is essential for general well being, maintenance of physical and functional capacities and prevention of chronic disease in the elderly.


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