Real Estate

In our experience as well as studies conducted, most Seniors want to remain in their homes as they age. However, more often than not, the current house has become too much of a burden; physically and financially. There is a great deal to consider in these areas and decisions have to be made that will impact the quality of life, lifestyle freedoms and affordability for individuals over 50. Sometimes these options and decisions are very clear-cut, while other times they are not and a professional care manager with specialized knowledge in Senior Living Environment and Housing can help.

Trying to determine the next step?

It can entail a complex set of decisions relating to finances, current lifestyle and health, long-term care considerations while anticipating future needs as you or your loved ones age. To reveiw property types and options click here .

Our real estate consultant with a specialization for individuals over 50 consults with you to review your current situation and outline the topics to weigh as you consider what to do next. We will provide pertinent information on 50+ housing trends and options, possible age in place solutions and how to finance your choice if necessary.

Service Elite through Care Management Services developed a team of experts and advisors to serve you with every step while you're exploring your options and determining the very best place for you to call home.

Care Management Real Estate Services:

  • Identify key life stages, viewpoints, and transitions in relation to health and wellness
  • Identify if your home should be considered to adapt to you aging in place for safety and comfort
  • Help clients integrate disposition of real property into estate plans
  • Prepare a plan of best options to finance home modifications, long-term care in that home, or a new home that better fit your needs without making monthly mortgage payments*

*Must be at least age 62 and other qualifications apply

Ready to meet your Senior Real Estate Care Manager?

According to a study by AARP, 75% of adult children and 69% of parents think about the parents’ ability to live independently as they get older. If this is you, contact us so we can come together and discover the options that best fits your life in a no-cost 1 hour consultation. If you have questions, please call us at 281-677-6544 or click here to complete the on-line consultation request form.