Thank you for taking a moment to stop by and visit with us. Service Elite is committed to serving the community, our associates, and our familes as an expression of serving God. It is our goal to help you determine if Care Management Services will be useful to you. We invite you to look around our website and use any of the information you think is beneficial to you.

We pride ourselves on being professional and very knowlegable about what we do, but what we are most proud of is being of service to others. We are here to help guide, advocate and be a resource for those that are caring for disabled and/or an older adult; encouraging, coaching and supporting them to be as functional, safe and independent as possible.  We are always updating our website with information you can use so be sure to sign-up for our newsletter so you won't miss the valuable information that could make a difference in your life and those you love.

Here are a few ways we can help...

Do you have any of these concerns or questions for yourself or a loved one? 

  • How do I make sure the hospital’s or doctor’s care plan is understood and followed while remaining safely and healthy at home?
  • How can I make sure the best quality of care possible is being received?
  • After a hospital stay, how do I know if the discharge nurse recommends going to nursing home for rehab is the best option?
  • How can I better understand my loved one’s health care needs and demands for time to take to doctor’s appointments while I’m juggling a full-time job and family?
  • I live more than 250 miles away from my loved one and worry about their well-being and care.
  • How do I make an informed decision to determine if my loved one can remain independently at home or should relocate to an assisted living facility?
  • How do I find, get and pay for good quality healthcare for my loved one?
  • What community resources are available for my loved one to get their needs met for proper recovery after discharged from the hospital?
  • How do I find a real estate agent that has the patience and knowledge for my needs?
  • What are the financing options for long-term care housing?
  • I am considering downsizing but how should I start the process?
  • When is assisted living the right option?
  • As the caregiver of my loved one, how do I avoid frustration, burn-out, stress, and ill-health?
  • My loved one has experienced a chronic aliment and is progressively declining, how do I make the best health care decision for our specific family situation?
  • How can I get a good understanding about Medicare, Medicaid, VA benefits, or insurance issues?
  • How can I make sure my loved one is receiving proper nutrition when no longer cooking?
  • What are the proper legal and financial documents required for living will and directives?

If any of these are concerns for yourself or for a loved one, call 281-677-6544 or click here to start getting your questions and concerns addressed. 


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